What is Pure Protein Night Race

A Fun Filled Run - Done in the DARK!


Pure Protein Night Race is a 5K and 10K run/walk that takes place at sundown in 6 cities across Canada, see the "my city" tab for a race near you. Deck out 2500 runners with headlights and you have a moving, living, breathing, light show! Whether you're trying for a personal best or seeking an adventure with friends, this event is a must! The fun goes beyond the spectacular on course adventure with a The Beer Garden that awaits you after your race with a cold beer and a DJ to dance off your accomplishment!

What to expect
You know that “glow” you get from running? We are giving you the chance to enhance it! Light it up as much as you like, we encourage you to dress up with glow necklaces, glow and light-up bracelets and glow face paint. Don’t be shy! For those who are not as 'glow' inclined fear not there will be 'Get Glowing' stations set up at each event to help with all the necessary trinkets and paint to make you shine all night long!

The event area lighting transforms all participants into an electrified field of happy runners!

Night Race gear
Every participant receives an Energizer® LED Headlight and a Brooks tech tee. Headlights must be worn during the race but we know you’ll want to keep them on for the whole night!

After party
Dont assume that the finish line means its over - the party is just getting started! The event area will come alive with runners, an amazing DJ, light show and dance party! So plan on sticking around long after you’ve checked your results and gobbled up your runner food, it’s worth it. 

* For participants of legal drinking age, members and invited guests only
* All participants of legal drinking age: Join us in the beer garden for a post race celebratory beer, on us!